Go Pro: The Path Of A Professional Cyclist By Marty Nothstein

Cycling is a sport that requires years of commitment, patience and sacrifice and it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an athlete, but with all of its challenges, cycling has never been more popular than it is today.
The world has seen an explosion in the popularity of road racing and mountain biking in recent years, with more people getting into cycling and taking it to the next level than ever before. In this article we’ll dive into how professional cyclists make their way through their careers: from high school all the way up to retirement at age 40+.
The Path: High School To Pro
If you’re a high schooler who wants to get into the sport, there are several things you should know and first of all, don’t expect it to be easy.
Professional cyclists like Marty Nothstein have been training since they were young and know how to push themselves harder than anyone else in order to succeed.
You will also need an intense work ethic if you want any chance of making it as a professional cyclist you’ll have very little time for anything except riding your bike and eating healthy meals prepared by yourself or others who care about your success like parents.
If this sounds like too much work for someone who isn’t even sure whether he/she wants their life’s dream job yet, then maybe being a pro isn’t for them, however if these requirements sound reasonable but still seem daunting then good news: there are ways around these obstacles.
Time Off
Time off is an important part of the training process and it gives your body time to recover and recover from injuries, which can be very hard if you don’t give yourself enough time off.
Marty Nothstein Time off is also good for the mind; it gives cyclists a chance to relax before they have to get back into training again.
Make sure that when planning your time off, you take into consideration everything else going on in your life: family and friends are just as important as cycling.