10 things you need to know about pocket doors

Ease a few of the need for door maintenance with French doors. Rather than battling with a regular door that slams close or getting found somewhere between a shutting door, a pocket door disappears into the wall surface when not being utilised. But pocket doors will not be without their complications—namely, how can you sustain and maintain something that you can’t see? Keep reading for your tips about how to best deal with your French Sliding doors.

Lubricate the Path

One essential factor of handling your pocket door is keeping the path neat and moisturized. In case the monitor gets too dirty, it may cause the door to become stuck or generate unusual sounds when opening and closing. To wash the path, start by vacuuming out any dirt, dirt, or dirt. After the larger debris have already been taken out, utilize a towel drenched in soapy water to eliminate any staying dirt and grime. Dried out the track completely before moving on to lubrication.

To lubricate the path, apply a modest amount of lubricant like WD-40 or silicon oils into a clean towel. Utilize the cloth to remove along the complete entire path, simply being careful never to oversaturate it. Apply more lubricant when needed till the total keep track of carries a thin level of defense. It is crucial to never use too much lubricant because this can get more debris and particles and also cause much more issues down the road.

Tighten up Components and appearance for Damage

Another key part of preserving your pocket door is ensuring that all the equipment is restricted and protect. As time passes, anchoring screws and hinges can become loosened, that may trigger alignment concerns. Regularly check each of the anchoring screws and hinges in your pocket door and tighten them when needed. It’s equally important to confirm for almost any injury for example holes, french fries, or dings and dents in both the door alone as well as the equipment. If any problems is located, it’s wise to talk to a specialist rather than attempting to fix it yourself because this could result in further more injury.


Taking good care of a pocket door might appear to be a frightening job nevertheless it doesn’t must be! By using these simple tips about how to keep and take care of your pocket door, you can keep it searching and operating like new for years to come.