Five Landscaping Mistakes You Might Be Making

A well-landscaped yard can add curb appeal and increase your home’s value. But if you’re making any of these common mistakes, it could be having the opposite effect. Mark Mariani Greenwich a landscape designer cautions against these landscaping pitfalls.

Not Defining Your Spaces
One of the most common landscaping mistakes is not defining your outdoor spaces. Your yard should have distinct areas for entertaining, relaxing, gardening, and playing. By delineating these areas with pathways, landscape edges, or small fences, you can make your yard feel larger and more inviting. Undefined spaces can feel cluttered and unfinished.

2. Failing to Plan for Maintenance
Another mistake people make when landscaping their yards is failing to plan for maintenance. Sure, those low-maintenance plants sound great—in theory. But in reality, all plants need some care and attention. Before you choose any plants for your yard, research how much water and sun they’ll need, how large they’ll grow, and how often they’ll need to be pruned or replaced. Otherwise, you could end up with a landscape that’s overrun with weeds or dead plants.

3. Planting Too Close to the House
When planting trees and shrubs close to your house, it’s important to take into consideration their mature size. Planting them too close can damage your foundation or siding as they grow. Plant them a little further away than you think they need to be. You can always move them later if necessary.

4. Not Incorporating enough Color
Your yard shouldn’t be just green—it should be a rainbow of colors! Incorporate flowers of all different colors into your landscaping to add visual interest and appeal. And don’t forget about incorporating different shades of green as well!

5. Not Utilizing Vertical Space
When people think about landscaping, they usually focus on what’s happening at ground level. But there’s a whole other world up above! Utilizing vertical space in your landscaping can add dimension and interest to your yard. Consider hanging baskets or window boxes Mark Mariani Greenwich filled with colorful flowers or vines cascading down from an archway or trellis.[/endif]–%>

By avoiding these five mistakes, you can create a beautiful landscape that will increase your curb appeal and add value to your home sweet home.